Land is one of the hardest things to sell, and there are only a few landmark properties left. One of the greatest Los Angeles land stories occurred in 2002. 10535 Rocca Court had been on the market for six years, and was listed with seven different brokers. The owners called in JBN, and asked for our help. Raymond Bekeris, of the firm, sold the estate site within 45 days of listing it. After six long years on the market, it proves that the right representation and a name such as JBN will make all the difference. Today, a $30,000,000 house sits on the property.

In 2001, Bekeris did something very similar. 1201 Laurel Lane, a 2.5 acre parcel which served as Samuel Goldwyn’s croquet court, was one of those major pieces of land that was undeveloped in Beverly Hills. It had been listed with several other top agents without any luck. JBN was asked to list the property, and it sold within the first 90 days. JBN then sold it two more times within a single year! Today, a 22,000 square foot home sits on the property.

One of the most famous land sales in Beverly Hills is that of 9601 Sunset Blvd., known to most as “The Shiek’s Property.” With a total of 3.6 flat acres, the lot which spans an entire block and ends on the northwest corner of Sunset and Alpine, was made famous when Sheik Al Fassi bought the property. The house was built and owned by Max Whittier, one of the founders of Beverly Hills, along with Burton Green. The Sheik painted the house lime green and painted the statues the real color of skin.The plastic flower pots topped everything off! JBN has sold the property in three separate deals.

One of Los Angeles’ greatest properties is located in Bel Air at 11101 Chalon Road. It is made up of 8.5 acres and is still undeveloped. The property sits within a half mile north of Sunset Boulevard and has one of the most unbelievable panoramic views on the westside. JBN sold it, representing both the buyer and seller in the transaction.

At the corner of Bellagio and Stone Canyon, sits a 4 acre parcel of land which is within walking distance from the Bel Air Hotel. It was sold twice by JBN in 1997.These are just a few of our land sales. 1000 Hillcrest, 88 Beverly Park and 22 Beverly Park are among many others. JBN also sold the vacant land at the corner of Roxbury Drive and Benedict Canyon to Kirk Kerkorian.Today his house stands there. In 1999, JBN sold 335 Copa de Oro.This was a 1 acre parcel of land. No other 1 acre parcel of land had ever sold for this much before and no other 1 acre parcel of land has since. Often, properties that have difficulty selling with other brokers will sell with us because of our strong connections with the community and the reputation we have for listing only the finest properties and homes.